A new and inspiring program: Contagious

    After 30 years of experience in a competitive and volatile environment some ideas came to me that will make a difference in your day to day job. I build a challenging tailor made program ( modules can be added or skipped ), that infects people to become the best version of their selves .

    Behaviours, talents, competencies and goal setting all uplifting and making a positive difference to you and the company you work for. As a team member or a team lead.

    I named this program CONTAGIOUS because that is what we need it to be .

    It’s about the perfect match between IQ and EQ related skills and nurturing your human capital in the best possible way. Starting from the intrinsic needs and preferences to become energized and engaged in your chosen job-role.

    Is this what you are looking for???

    Nurture and challenge your human capital so they can make a real positive difference in their job!


    Ariane Jacobs
    Training & coach expert
    Soft & hard skills
    E-mail: ariane@coachplus.be
    Phone: +32 (0) 494 567 568
    BE 0675.355.471